The Villa of the Princess

Quinta da Princesa, along with other manor houses, is located in the municipality of Seixal, on the left bank of the Tagus River, and is considered a perfect interpretation between history, science, technology and nature, where the element of water is the protagonist. The fact that it is, among the others, the paradigmatic example of how a farm in that region used its water resources in the Modern Age, led to it being considered as a case study of the AQUA project.

Quinta da Princesa is the most important in what concerns the representation of ancient hydraulic structures in the scope of the Tagus estuary in the Seixal region. It has norias and wells, aqueducts, irrigation tanks and tidal pond. It is also inserted in a peculiar waterland, as is the case of the estuaries on the south bank. It also has a vast forest and garden, the latter possibly idealized by Italian gardeners, in addition to an important architectural heritage that was quite used by the nobility.

This entire structure translates into a valuable memory and identity of an era, and is also important for the history of science and technology, which needs to be preserved and valued.

French map of Lisbon from 1883 that references the Villa of the Princess.


Maps of the Villa of the Princess

Probable delimitation of Villa of the Princess, with highlights to the principal core and contemporary buildings

Location of the principal hydraulic structures of the core of the villa


Patrícia Trindade Monteiro

Published Online: 18 Jan 2022

Page range: 5 - 17

  • O Uso Inteligente da Água no Seixal

Patricia Trindade Monteiro

Published October 2021

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Tide mills in Seixal

Tide mills in Portugal, map by Patricia Trindade Monteiro, 2021.

Tide mills in the Tagus Estuary, Seixal's 13 mills are marked in red. Map by Patricia Trindade Monteiro, 2021.


Technical File of the tide mills

by Patricia Monteiro

Short Documentary Film

Map and location